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A/C Contractors Agree on Programmable Thermostat Guidelines for Best Use

Posted on: August 9th, 2013 by

A/C Contractors Agree on Programmable Thermostat Guidelines for Best UseNo matter which A/C contractors you work with, you can expect them to agree: by using certain programmable thermostat guidelines, you enjoy the greatest energy efficiency and performance from your air conditioner. By following these guidelines, you can expect to save money without sacrificing home comfort.

  • Program energy-saving setbacks: The whole purpose of programmable thermostats is that they allow you program setbacks while you’re away or sleeping and resume a comfortable temperature before you awake or return home. The key to seeing energy savings with these setbacks is to program them for long periods (at least eight hours at a time).
  • Override settings with discretion: While you can always override the pre-programmed setting without erasing the setback, A/C contractors agree that you increase energy use and reduce efficiency each time you override the setting. Try turning on the ceiling fan or changing into something cooler to stay comfortable without altering the thermostat setting.
  • Use the appropriate “hold” feature: “Temporary holds” are used for day-to-day overrides. However, when you go on vacation, be sure to use the “permanent/vacation hold” setting for energy savings during your extended absence.
  • Don’t crank the temperature down: This practice only increases the risk of energy waste and discomfort. If you must override the setting because you’re uncomfortably warm, change it by one degree. After all, cranking the thermostat down to 40 degrees won’t cool your home any faster than changing the setting from 78 to 77 degrees, and the one-degree difference could be enough.
  • Consider zoning: While many homes have only one thermostat, zoning is an option that A/C contractors recommend. It involves using two or more thermostats for maximum comfort and convenience in every room.
  • Change the batteries: Make it a yearly habit to change the batteries, such as at the start of the school year or the beginning of a new calendar year. Some units tell you when the battery is running low so you never have to guess.

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