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AC Repair – Keep the Texas Heat from Invading Your Space

Posted on: August 14th, 2013 by

AC repair is often synonymous with the summer months. The Texas heat can be brutal, with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees  in the summertime. Who will you call when your air conditioning system needs service? It can be difficult to find the right company to help you, especially when you need an AC repair and time is of the essence. Here are a few ways to perform some system maintenance by yourself, so that you can avoid costly AC repairs down the line.

One way to lower the strain that the Texas heat puts on your air conditioning system and to avoid a potentially expensive AC repair is to lower the humidity in your home or business. This can be done by using a whole house or whole building dehumidifier. Regardless of the climate in which you live, a whole house dehumidifier keeps the humidity level in an entire home or building consistent. Humidity can cause a lot of problems ranging from mold growth to cracking drywall. There are many companies that sell dehumidifiers, but determining the right system for your home and installing and maintaining it is definitely a job for a professional. However, taking the first step by finding out more information about dehumidifiers is something you can do yourself.

AC RepaitAnother way you can work to avoid an expensive AC repair is to regularly check and change the filters in your air conditioning unit. A dirty, clogged filter puts more stress on your AC unit, and in the summer heat that’s something you want to avoid. The AC filter plays an important role in keeping your AC unit running efficiently and effectively cooling your home. Keep those filters clean and change them regularly. Doing this will help you keep energy costs down and hopefully avoid an AC repair due to a clog in your system.

AC repair can also be avoided by setting your system fan to automatic. This way, the fan runs only when it is needed, as opposed to 100 percent of the time. This can help you save energy costs and extend the life of your HVAC system. Setting your system fan to automatic will also help you cut down on duct cleaning, in addition to offsetting your chances of needing AC repair.

The last way  to avoid the need for AC repair is to simply pay attention to your system. Neglect is often the biggest cause of AC repairs, so check your system regularly. Inspecting the system yourself is a good start;  however, hiring a certified professional to do a yearly or bi-annual inspection of your system can definitely help you avoid costly a AC repair in the future.

Building a relationship with a company you can trust is a great way to find some peace of mind when it comes to your potential need for AC repair. Hiring a professional to examine your system regularly can help you keep costs – and temperatures – down all summer long.


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