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Choosing An Air Conditioning Contractor Using The Right Questions

Posted on: September 8th, 2012 by Jason Connell

Choosing An Air Conditioning Contractor Using The Right QuestionsIf you’re making an investment in new home cooling equipment, choosing an air conditioning contractor in the greater Fort Worth/Arlington area is a task you’ll want to undertake with care. After all, even the best system on the market won’t keep your home comfortable if it isn’t installed and maintained properly. Knowing the right questions to ask as you evaluate various companies is the key to choosing an air conditioning contractor that will offer quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

Key questions you should ask any contractor you are considering include:

  • Do you stand behind your work and how long have you been doing business in our area? Choosing an air conditioning contractor who guarantees their work and has a proven track record is important. After all, a warranty won’t do you much good if the company that gave it isn’t around to honor its terms.
  • Are you licensed and insured? Texas air conditioning contractors must pass exams and show proof of insurance to be licensed in the state, and that license must be renewed annually. A reputable contractor will be happy to show you proof that the company has met those requirements.
  • Can you give me a list of references? A reliable contractor will be proud of past work and happy to give references. Make sure you follow up, since speaking to past customers is a great way to find out whether a contractor is courteous, prompt and professional.
  • Are you a Better Business Bureau accredited business? What trade associations are you affiliated with? Are your technicians NATE-certified? Have you earned any awards or accolades? A contractor that has put forth the time and effort to be involved with and accredited by such organizations takes his work seriously.

If you are in the process of choosing an air conditioning contractor, please feel free to contact AirRite Air Conditioning. We’ve been serving the greater Fort Worth/Arlington area since 1955. We’ll be happy show you our credentials, as well as our many awards, certifications and trade association affiliations.

Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information about choosing an air conditioning contractor and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

AirRite Air Conditioning services the greater Fort Worth and Arlington area. Visit our website to see our current promotions and get started today!     

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