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Don’t Leave Air Conditioner Repair for the Spring – Take Care of Any Problems Now and Keep Your Air Working Before You Need It

Posted on: October 9th, 2013 by

For most homeowners, air conditioning repair is not a list item for the spring agenda. But, if you do not take a few precautions now, AC repair may indeed be added to the list. If your routine maintenance is not up to par and your system is not properly winterized, you are most likely looking at some future problems.

Routine maintenance means keeping the condensate line clean, keeping the grass and vegetation trimmed back from your outside unit, and making sure there is plenty of refrigerant in the line. Things like this help ensure you don’t have to worry about air conditioning repair right now, or in the spring.

End-of-Summer Air Conditioning Tips for Your DFW Area Home

Winterizing an AC unit is actually fairly simple, however you must wait until the last heat wave is gone to take action.  Firs, open up your outside disconnect box and flip the switch over. This makes sure you don’t accidentally kick it on from inside your house at the thermostat.

AC units were actually made for the outdoors, so covering it is not particularly a necessity. But, you might consider protecting it from falling debris. Go ahead and give it a final cleaning for the year and make sure that the inside is clear of any debris – including leaves, grass and nests of insects or rodents.

Protecting your unit from falling debris in the winter is an ideal way to ensure that you do not have air conditioning repair to deal with in the spring. Barren winter trees can lose their limbs or even icicles, in those rare cases here in Fort Worth, can fall and damage your unit. Just use a flat, strong board to put over the top of it. You can also cover it a little with a tarp, but you do not it to go all the way down the unit. This gives critters a nesting place and they tend to chew up your wires.

AirRite is committed to providing the best in HVAC service to our greater Fort Worth neighbors.  Please call us to help get your home ready (and comfortable) for the winter ahead.

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