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Ductless Mini Splits: Required Maintenance Keeps Them Running Efficiently And Reliably

Posted on: September 8th, 2012 by Jason Connell

ductless mini splits fort worth arlington texasDuctless mini splits fill a significant gap in homes where expanding central air ductwork to an add-on room or renovation isn’t feasible. Ductless mini splits combine a wall-mounted indoor air handler with an outdoor cabinet containing the compressor and condenser. The two components are linked by a conduit that conveys refrigerant to and from each. Only a small opening in the wall to accommodate the conduit is required for installation. The system offers the quiet power of central A/C without the efficiency losses associated with leaks and thermal transfer in ductwork. 

Ductless mini splits offer high efficiency cooling. However, as in all HVAC equipment, efficiency is linked to maintenance. Here’s what to do to keep a ductless mini split in optimum condition:

  • Change the primary mesh filter regularly, at least every two months. If the indoor air handler is equipped with a plasma indoor air quality (IAQ) filter, clean the filter when the warning light appears, usually after 400 hours of operation.
  • Examine the evaporator coil inside the indoor air handler for accumulation of dirt or the presence of mold. Dirty coils will rapidly degrade efficiency and may lead to icing. Vacuum the coil with a soft brush attachment to remove dust. Stubborn or excessive buildup should be removed by an HVAC technician using solvents designed for the purpose.
  • Make sure the condensate drain pan underneath the unit is free of debris or algae growth. Pour some water in the pan to make sure the drain line is open and functioning.
  • At the outdoor unit, cut back bushes or weeds to provide two feet of free airflow on all sides. Remove any leaves, debris or grass clippings from the grille protecting the condenser coil. If dirt or dust has accumulated on the condenser coil, turn off power to the unit and hose the coil down with a garden hose.

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