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End-of-Summer Air Conditioning Tips for Your DFW Area Home

Posted on: October 4th, 2013 by

End-of-Summer Air Conditioning Tips for Your DFW Area HomeAir conditioning in DFW may decrease as the end of summer approaches, but local home cooling needs are likely to extend past either Labor Day or the first day of fall. It’s not too late to take some steps to improve the end-of-season performance and efficiency of your air conditioner.


  • Change air filters in your A/C unit: Air filters help keep your indoor air clean by trapping and holding particulates and other contaminants in the air flowing through the air conditioning system. Filters should be checked at least once a month and changed if they’re dirty. Dirty filters block the airflow your A/C needs to function properly and can cause system malfunctions or breakdowns in your air conditioning in DFW.
  • Turn on your ceiling fans: If you haven’t been using ceiling fans to improve indoor cooling from your air conditioning in DFW, start reaching for the switch that turns on these air circulation devices. When the air drafts produced by the ceiling fans contact your body, you’ll be cooled in a process similar to what you feel when a breeze hits you outdoors. Downward-flowing air from the ceiling fans will recirculate cool air that has settled in the lower areas of the room.
  • Close curtains to reduce heat gain: Heat gain is the production of excess heat inside your home caused, in part, by sunlight shining through your windows. Reduce this type of heat gain by closing curtains, drapes, and blinds to block sunlight.
  • Clean air conditioner components: Improve the quality of your air conditioning in DFW by cleaning the interior and exterior coils where heating and cooling transfer takes place. Clear away vegetation, dirt, leaves, grass, or other material that has accumulated inside the outdoor A/C unit. Trim grass, tree limbs, shrubs, and other vegetation to allow plenty of room around and above the outdoor unit.

Throughout the DFW area, customers know they can count on AirRite Air Conditioning Company, Inc. for expert air conditioning services. Contact us today for more information on boosting your air conditioner’s performance to receive better-quality air conditioning in DFW, even if the summer season is nearly over.

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