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Heat Pumps Work Best and Last Longer With Routine Maintenance

Posted on: June 21st, 2013 by

Heat Pumps Work Best and Last Longer With Routine MaintenanceHeat pumps require regular maintenance to keep running efficiently and to reach their intended lifespans. Neglecting maintenance could reduce your heat pump’s lifespan by 10 to 25 percent. Upkeep is especially important in the Fort Worth/Arlington area, where the hot summers and chilly winters take a year-round toll on our heat pumps.

Some maintenance is easy to do yourself, while other jobs require a professional.

DIY maintenance jobs

  • Filters — Check your filter monthly and replace them when they appear dirty. Depending on your indoor air quality, change your filter every two to six months. Keeping the filter clean is an important part of upkeep for heat pumps.
  • Outdoor unit — Clean the exterior of the outdoor coil whenever you notice a buildup of dirt or debris. Trim nearby plants to prevent them from clogging the heat pump.
  • Indoor unit — Every two to four years, brush debris off the indoor evaporator coil and the blower fan’s blades. Check the condensate pan at the end of every cooling season and clean if necessary.
  • Air delivery system — Remove the supply register covers and return grilles, and vacuum out any dust that’s accumulated in the ducts. Wipe down the covers and grilles and replace them.

Professional maintenance jobs

  • Checking the refrigerant — Technicians can measure your refrigerant charge and add refrigerant if needed. They’ll also look for leaks in the refrigerant lines.
  • Inspecting the electrical components — The electrical connections will be checked for wear, then cleaned and tightened as needed. The fan motor will be lubricated and the belts inspected for looseness and wear.
  • Inspecting the ductwork – Technicians use professional equipment to measure airflow in the ducts and identify leaks. Leaks can be sealed with mastic or metal tape.
  • Testing the thermostat — During annual inspections, technicians test the thermostat controls and check the thermostat calibration to ensure the system always produces the temperature you expect.

For more expert guidance on keeping your heat pump in top form or to schedule an annual heat pump inspection, contact us at AirRite Air Conditioning Company, Inc. Since 1955, we’ve been providing top quality service for heat pumps, furnaces, air conditioners, and more.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information about heat pump maintenance and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

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