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How Does AC Condensation Keep My House Comfortable?

Posted on: August 31st, 2013 by

The AC condensation feature on all central air systems is quite unique. Just think about how hot it can get here in Texas, add in the humidity and you are looking at not just hot days, but miserable ones. The same thing can occur in your home – the more condensation you have the more uncomfortable you can get.

The great thing about central air is the evaporator coil. Homes with central air use air returns to circulate the air through the home. When the air comes back through the main duct junction, it meets the condenser coil. This feature is what cools the air, but it also pulls the water, dust and other allergens out of the air. Your AC condensation is then sent through a drip pan or a condensate line that discards it outside or through a water pump.

AC Condensation

What’s important to remember here is that the AC condensation removal process needs maintenance, just like any other part of your forced air system, to continue working properly. As stated before, it not only forces the water out of the air, but dust and other solid particles as well. Over time, these particles mix with the water and form deposits on your drainage system. These deposits build up and can cause a blockage. A blockage can cause your evaporator coil to overwork or even break, which can then lead to costly repairs.

It is a good idea to do all of your AC maintenance and cleaning at once so you do not forget to maintain any other parts of the system. Just like when you switch out your air filter, go ahead and check your AC condensation lines. Make sure they are draining properly and it might be a good idea to go ahead and clean them out, just to be sure. You can add this to the list of cleaning out your condenser and straightening the intake coils below the condenser’s fan.

 Buyer beware! Not all houses were made with central forced air units in mind. Your AC condensation lines might be present, but are they effective? A long time ago when people here in Texas were changing their homes over to forced central air, they were doing so in a hurry, in the most cost effective way. You need to take a look at the drainage lines and make sure that the AC condensation has a way to leak out. If not, you’re just asking for trouble!

Just like any other great central heat and air unit, the AC condensation feature gives you the opportunity to be (and stay) comfortable in your own home. Don’t let something small like unit drainage spoil that for you. Keep it clean and you will keep the air moving throughout your house.

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