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Is Your Thermostat Working for You?

Posted on: October 23rd, 2013 by

Your thermostat has a lot more power in your Fort Worth home than you can imagine. It is the central command center for your largest energy consumer, the HVAC system.

Appliances like washers, dryers, microwaves and dishwashers certainly are energy consumers, but they do not compare to the amount of energy used by your climate control HVAC system. It is always important to use energy wisely, and using a digital thermostat gives you the power to do just that.  In fact, a digital thermostat is kind of like having a buddy that turns the lights off for you when you leave a room or makes sure the faucet is off when you leave a bathroom.

Using your HVAC system wisely means keeping comfortable temperatures only when you are actually in your Fort Worth home and letting the HVAC system take an extended break when you are away. You can see up to a 20 percent savings by using a programmable thermostat, that’s typically $300-$400 a year.

The old analog thermostats are actually clunky with mechanical moving parts and mercury vials that do not quite have the energy saving features of a digital thermostat. The mechanical parts in analog thermostats can easily be thrown off by someone bumping into it and the mercury vial can become a health risk if it leaks. Digital thermostats use thermistors to take the temperature readings and they pose no health risks at all – and they do not have to be recalibrated over time to return accurate levels of performance.

Energy efficiency happens when you use energy wisely. If you are still using an old plastic wheel to set your thermostat temperature, then your home isn’t as efficient as you should be.   Your analog thermometer means that a constant temperature is going to be maintained regardless of whether there are people within your home.

Let the technicians at AirRite get your home into the 21st Century by installing digital thermostats that can be programmed to save you energy when it is less needed and still keep you comfortable while you are at home.

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