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Geothermal Ground Source Heating And Cooling Services

The temperature beneath your home remains relatively constant regardless of the season. A Fort Worth Geothermal Heat Pump Systems harness the stable underground temperature to provide heating, cooling, and hot water at remarkably high efficiency. So high, in fact, that energy use can be cut by up to 80%.

How Does It Work?

Nearly half the solar energy our planet receives is absorbed by the ground. As a result, below the surface the earth remains a relatively moderate temperature year-round. This provides the ideal source for heating and cooling your home.

Effective geothermal systems for Fort Worth use a sealed underground piping loop filled with circulating water and an ultra-high efficiency heat pump system to exchange heat between the earth and your home. In the winter, water circulating in the piping loop absorbs heat from the earth and carries it to the heat pump, where it is concentrated and sent as warm, comfortable air throughout your home.

In the summer, the heat pump absorbs heat from the air in your home and transfers it to water circulating in the piping loop. This provides cool, dehumidified and comfortable air throughout your home.

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How Can a Fort Worth Geothermal System Save You Money?

In the heating mode, the system uses the heat from the water to warm air that circulates throughout the house while maintaining a comfortable humidity level that reduces static electricity and helps reduce dry skin irritations that traditional forced air systems are notorious for. In the cooling mode, the system reverses the process, taking heat out of the home’s air and circulating the resulting cool, dehumidified air instead.

As the system has less work to do in order to reach the desired temperature setting throughout the year, the system is highly efficient and lowers operating costs. A fossil fuel furnace may be 80% to 90% efficient; a Fort Worth geothermal heat pump is up to 450% efficient.

Rather than installing Tankless or Traditional water heaters, the geothermal system is able to heat the water in your home efficiently. This equates to additional lower utility costs.

Another advantage to a geothermal system installed in a new home is that from day one you will be cash flow positive, as the cost of the system each month is lower than the savings you realize on your monthly energy cost!

With the above features as well as the tax incentives listed below, the system can effectively make your home more comfortable and energy efficient from day one.

Tax Incentives

Now, you can save even more with tax credits. Save up to 30% off the total cost of Fort Worth geothermal energy system installation with a recently implemented federal tax credit. This is a separate credit from the $1,500 for energy improvement measures that is in effect from 2009-2010.


AirRite is a ClimateMaster® Geothermal Equipment dealer and possesses the following certifications:

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  • IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association) Certified Installer

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