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Selecting A New Heat Pump? The Upgrade Should House These 3 Features

Posted on: November 9th, 2012 by Jason Connell

Selecting A New Heat Pump? The Upgrade Should House These 3 FeaturesThe decision to switch your home heating and cooling to a heat pump system is one that will pay off with increased HVAC efficiency, better indoor comfort and substantial savings on your seasonal utility bills. When selecting a new heat pump, consider a model that has these three useful features:

  1. Variable-speed compressors and blower motors: Critical components in older heat pumps, such as compressors and blower motors, could operate at only one speed. They would always function at a high level, which could waste energy and money. Dual-speed compressors have two speeds that can respond more accurately and efficiently to the actual temperature needs of your indoor environment. These compressors are designed to run at a lower level when appropriate, which saves energy and reduces the amount you spend on conditioning. Blowers, the powerful fans that move heated and cooled air from the heat pump to supply vents throughout your home, also have dual-speed options for the blower fan. When less airflow is needed, these variable-speed blowers shift to lower operating level, providing a two-tiered function that is efficient and effective.
  2. Two-stage thermostat: Heat pumps are extremely efficient as long as temperatures stay well above freezing. When temperatures drop below 40 degrees, efficiency drops significantly. A two-stage thermostat helps ensure the unit runs properly when outdoor temperatures are below the minimum level for efficiency. The thermostat first turns on the unit’s refrigeration system. If temperatures are too cold for the refrigeration system to effectively capture heat from the outdoor air, it activates a set of electric resistance coils that generate heat.
  3. Back-up burners: Backup burners supplement the heat produced by the electric resistance coils and reduce the amount of electricity the systems consumes to produce heat during colder temperatures. These burners run on combustible fuel, and operate only when outdoor temperatures drop far enough to justify their use.

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