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Using The Right Caulk To Make Your Fort Worth Home Weathertight

Posted on: December 19th, 2012 by Jason Connell

using the right caulk dallas fort worth texasPreventing air leakage in your Texas home is one of the most important steps you can take to improve comfort and energy efficiency. Many homeowners underestimate the importance of using the right caulk in order to seal leaks once they’ve been found.

Silicone applications
There are two types of silicone to choose from, depending on your need. The first is household silicone, which is great for sealing small cracks and gaps that have developed around your windows and door frames. The second type is construction silicone. This one is usually used for new construction and has the ability to adhere to surfaces such as wood, brick, plastic, glass and other materials.

Spray foams
Expandable spray foam also comes in two separate varieties. The more commonly used, known as polyurethane, can be used for medium-sized cracks and gaps, and is made for both interior and exterior use. The other type is a water-based foam. Some homeowners prefer this one because it doesn’t produce greenhouse gases, but it is made for smaller problems because it doesn’t expand as much as the polyurethane.

Other types of caulk
Latex is often used to fill in the cracks and gaps you might find around the joints of your bathtub or shower. Butyl rubber works great when bonding dissimilar materials like wood, plastic and glass. Oil or resin-based sealant can be used to fix problems with building materials and external seams, but is not very durable.

Checking for painting needs
Using the right caulk might include selecting one that can be painted to match the color of your materials. Others may require painting when used outside to prevent any damage. To prevent any problems that may arise, be sure to check with the directions of each particular caulk you are considering.

If you would like further assistance with using the right caulk, or for questions regarding home comfort, please contact the experts at AirRite Air Conditioning. We have been serving the HVAC needs of Fort Worth, Arlington and their surrounding areas since 1955.

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