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Your Ceiling Fans: You Used Them To Stay Cooler — Now Reverse Them For Warmth

Posted on: December 26th, 2012 by Jason Connell

ceiling fans fort worth arlington texasYou know that your ceiling fans are a huge help during the summer, but were you aware that these fixtures also come in handy during the colder months of the year? Though it may seem counter-intuitive, your home’s ceiling fans could actually help keep you warmer while lowering your heating bill this winter. Here’s how to make the most out of your fans all season long.

How to use your ceiling fans this winter

When it’s warm outside, your ceiling fans work to force air downward, which effectively distributes the cooler air in the lower areas of your room so that the space feels more comfortable. If you take a closer look at your fan, however, you will notice that most models will include a switch that is located near its motor housing. This switch will cause the rotation of your ceiling fan’s blades to reverse. The result of this switch in rotation is that air will be drawn upward, effectively displacing the heated air that has risen to your ceiling. This air will then be driven back down into your living areas in order to keep your household warm and cozy.

The benefits of turning on your ceiling fans this winter

Because the warm air that has risen to your ceiling will be returned to the lower areas of your home, you will notice that your house feels more evenly heated and comfortable. In fact, the improved heat distribution can allow you to set your thermostat down several degrees which means that your furnace will not need to cycle on and off as frequently. This will lead to the decreased usage of your gas or electricity, and less strain on your furnace. The end result? Lower utility bills, improved furnace performance, and less chance of expensive repairs to your heating equipment.

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